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Full-service design studio
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We are one of the few studios that can take an idea from a paper sketch to a pixel-perfect product in the user's hand.

We are Unique, that's what people say!

We believe, the last thing the world needs is another digital agency. Since we started, we’ve always tried to be unique with our approach and the devil's details.

Insider thing:

We don't ship until we are satisfied. Seldom We have reworked from the scratch at 11th hour.


Simple is powerful. We vote for it.

We feel the design is a powerful medium to express complexity in an uncomplicated way. Being able to explain it to someone else who’s not technical is a very big piece for us.

Proud moment:

We love turning complex problems into an easy-peasy solution for mango people. Data dashboard is our fav.


Yes, everything boils down to good work.

Mama says there is no magic or shortcuts for a design studio. If we do good work, we get good work. We respect each work as our first and last chance and we try to nail it.

Between us:

Mama said a lot of things but this was the best advice we got. We send cookies and special gift every mother's day.


Small is nimble. And we love it.

We primarily work with fledgling startups and fast-paced brands where time is money. Large hierarchy and outnumbered strength don't allow us to make movement in all creative direction at once.

Aah! Honestly:

Many companies grow because their ego demands it. We are yet to figure out the process and maintain #3.


Moreover, Process brings productivity and satisfaction.

The refined process is part of Zazzy's aesthetic. It is being candid and authentic. It helps us know the depth & magnitude of the work we do and building relationships with clients.

Fun fact:

We have tried almost all the tools and finally found our perfect stack with Basecamp, Zeplin, Marvel and Jira.


As you can see, Experiments are in our DNA.

Experiments are the wind beneath our wings. It gives us a breathing space to take bold actions and move forward with confidence. Were you expecting a formal, corporate text here?

Another reason to love Ed Sheeran:

As he said “Be original. don’t be scared of being bold!”


We believe, the last thing world needs is another digital agency. Since we started, We have tried to be unique, bold and experimental with our approach. It gives us a breathing space to take bold actions and move forward with confidence.

Fun fact:

You're missing the detailed version, visible on the web. Check it from your laptop. You might find it interesting.

Tip of the day:

You can also tilt your phone in landscape mode.

It’s great to work with an agency that doesn’t feel like an agency. They indulged in our process and helped us with our brand identity. Super happy with the output and would love to work again.
Gurnaam Singh, Founder - AISECS
Zazzy was amazing to work with. They helped setup up all the design standards and practices at DocTalk and did a wonderful job at it.
Vamsee Chamakura, Co-founder - DocTalk
Zazzy is an exceptionally gifted team. They produced some of the most elegant designs I have ever seen. The mobile app on which we worked together had many graphs and exceptional amount of data to be shown. They brilliantly designed the app to be both appealing to the eye and intuitive to use. I would recommend Zazzy to everyone.
Shauryam Gupta, Cofounder - MetalCube